Frequently Asked Questions
by Hospitals and Clinics

How to Post a Job

Create a Hospital Account, then follow the steps listed below or check-out this graphic.

How to Respond to a Bid from a Doctor?

Login to your Hospital's Account. The doctor's bid should be displayed on your home page. Click on the doctor's bid. In order to reply to their bid Create and Post your response as a Bid Memo. Below we've listed some responses you might consider. Please elaborate on your reply. You may be as brief or as descriptive as you feel is necessary.

Check out this graphic, how to respond to a bid..

Are Doctors' references provided to the hospitals to assist their hiring decisions?

The doctors have included their references into their online profile. In addition provides you access to the contact information for as many as five of a doctor's most recent referrals specifically through To review the contact information as an additional resource of a Doctor's References and Credentials check out this graphic.

Does VetRelief screen the Vets?

On request, we are able to search the database in order to provide you with relevant feedback that we may have on file.
As a suggestion it may be helpful to discuss with the candidate(s) a list of criteria based upon your expectations and past experiences. You may quiz each candidate to your satisfaction prior to accepting their bids. There is no charge unitl you both agree to hire. You are not obligated to accept anyone, and the candidates are not obligated either. Once both parties agree do we confirm the service relationship. Also be certain to discuss and define your employment relationship between yourselves. has no involvement in the terms or definition of your employment relationship.

What are your terms and fees when our hospital hires a relief veterinarian?

Learn more: Our Terms, Site Services, and Service Fee.

When should the hospital pay

An invoice for our service fee will be sent to you AFTER the veterinarian works.

What do you suggest if after the first day we do not want the relief doctor back?

Relief Doctors turn down offered work to uphold their commitment to your hospital. To be fair you should assume some of the risk if they are unable to recapture lost work dates. Consider this: confirm them for a trial day or two. Make it clear that you would like to hire them for additional dates provided that the trial dates goes as expected. There may be a risk though, that is the Relief Doctor may receive and accept an offer for work elsewhere during the trial interim.

How does a hospital Accept Bids?

Login to your hospital's account. All the bids will be displayed. Click on the doctors' bids then post them a bid memo accepting their bids. Check out this graphic on how to respond to a doctor's bid.

Are the relief doctors who bid on my job licensed to practice in my state?

Yes, the relief doctors that bid on your job claim to be licensed in your state. Likewise the web site is programmed to only display Jobs to veterinarians with state location compatible licenses. In addition the web site provides you a link to the state authority to check a doctor's license too.

Why hire a relief doctor for my hospital when I prefer to hire an associate?

There are several ways to attract an associate veterinarian. In answer to your question though consider this: there are more doctor-candidates searching for relief work. However relief work is key for meaningful introductions to employable veterinarians. For many practices that successfully hired an associate relief work was the first step in fulfilling the permanent position.

Here are additional ways by which to maximize the number of candidates for your associate position: