Flash Financial Incentive Program

Need Important or last minute shifts filled?

While your relief jobs are posted on the website, mobile app, sent out in the Job Email List, and mentioned to doctors we're in communication with, we can even further prioritize your dates by reaching out directly to doctors in your surrounding areas.

To entice these relief veterinarians to bid on your urgently needed relief dates, VetRelief.com can announce that your hospital may be willing to pay more than the going rate to secure coverage.

Are you able to help us entice doctors by offering accommodations or covering travel expenses? That may help compel doctors to travel further distances to work at your practice.

When a relief doctor bids we'll notify you the following ways:

  • Post to your account
  • Email you
  • Phone call or Text Message
  • Put you in direct contact

You may accept, deny, or even propose a counter-offer to their bid. You are not obligated to accept and likewise, the relief veterinarian is not obligated to accept your counter-offer either. When you both agree to one another's terms, VetRelief.com will document your relief dates.

When you hire a relief veterinarian from the Flash Incentive, our service fee is $65/shift or 12.5% of the relief veterinarian's fee, whichever is greater.

Please let us know the following information, and we'll get started right away.

(Be Sure to Include any Additional Information that would Compel or Incentivize a Doctor to Bid: Such as Accommodations, reimburse Travel Expenses, or Production Bonus.)

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