PREMIUM Employment Graphic Ad

HOSPITALS entice and then hire employable doctors who bid on your employment opportunity. Create and Post your Permanent Job as a Graphic Ad. Your custom-designed ad (no design charge to you) to showcase Your Job on all doctors web pages.

Premium Graphic Ad Regular Text Ad
The graphic ad (465 X 300 pixel) The standard text for the same employment or job posting
Displayed on Doctors' Homepages plus their Job Search Pages Standard text ad displayed on doctors' job search page only
ACH payment (or similar) of $135/month Free

Please be advised that when you successfully negotiate and employ doctor(s), our Service Fee and its noncircumvention period remain intact. There is no discount for the amount paid or in place of our Service Relationship Fee and noncircumention period of 215 shifts.

Check-out some examples of these previously custom designed Graphic Employment Ads.

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