Frequently Asked Questions
by Hospitals and Clinics

Am I restricted from accepting relief work or employment independently from VetRelief?

No, our user agreement counters against acting as an online 'referral service' or 'employment agency' where you might compete against VetRelief and provide veterinarians other than yourself to any veterinary facility.
Learn more: our agreement.

How to post a Job or Project?

The first step is to create a hospital account.

How to post a Job or Project?

How to Post a Job

What are your terms and fees when our hospital hires a relief veterinarian?

Learn more: our terms and success fee.

When should the hospital pay VetRelief?

An invoice for our success fee will be sent to you AFTER the veterinarian works.

Are doctors' references provided to the hospitals to assist their hiring decisions?

We provide contact information for up to five of our most recent referrals to assist your decision. In addition when veterinarians first register and when they return to the web site, we continually request that they update their clinical references.

Does VetRelief screen the vets?

On request, we gladly provide any feedback that we may have on file.
It may be helpful to your cause to discuss a list of criteria based upon your expectations and past experiences. Quiz each candidate to your satisfaction prior to confirming someone. You are not obligated to accept anyone, and the candidates are not obligated either. Once both parties agree do we confirm the relationship. Also be certain to discuss and define your employment relationship between yourselves without's involvement.

What do you suggest if after the first day we do not want the relief doctor back?

Relief Doctors will turn down offered work to uphold their commitment to your hospital. To be fair you must assume some of the risk. Here's what we mean, confirm them for one trial day. Make it clear that you would like to hire them for more dates if everything goes as expected. In the meantime if they receive an offer for work elsewhere then they may accept that other work.

How does a hospital confirm bids?

Login to your hospital's account. All the bids will be displayed. Click on the doctors' bids then post them a bid memo accepting their bids.

Are the relief doctors who bid on my job licensed to practice in my state?

Yes, the relief doctors that bid on your job or project claim to be licensed in your state. In addition the web site only displays jobs to veterinarians with compatible licensure.

Why hire a relief doctor for my hospital when I prefer to hire an associate?

There are more doctor-candidates searching for relief work and relief work is key for meaningful introductions to employable veterinarians. For many practices hiring a relief vet is the first step in filling a permanent associate position.

We are interested in hiring for our new clinic. What do you suggest?

Create an account and post your employment opportunity. Post a relief job or project to run concurrently with the permanent one to attract even more interested candidates.

I was a relief veterinarian. Now I own a clinic. What do I have to do to hire a relief veterinarian?

Create a new account for your clinic. Click on Create an Account. The web site will walk you through registering your clinic and posting a job or project to hire a relief doctor.

Once my hospital accepts a relief doctor's bid how do we know if they are still available?

When you accepted the veterinarian's bid, the relief doctor was notified to reaffirm his/her acceptance. Until they acknowledge your acceptance your job or project remains active and open to bids from other veterinarians.

If I hire a relief veterinarian and then our vacation plans are disrupted, may I cancel the doctor?

Thankfully, cancellations occur infrequently. They are handled on a case per case basis. Here is our position: good faith cancellations are a cost of doing business. Good faith cancellations made two months or more prior to the first work date should not pose a problem. A good faith cancellation made one month prior should fall under a 'no harm no foul' rule. Meaning to say if the canceled relief date(s) can be offered or recaptured somewhere else, then no other special consideration is required (no harm no foul). A good faith cancellation made prior to weeks or last minute should receive some re-numeration. This is especially relevant when relief work offered by another client facility was turned down to honor committed dates.

Our hospital received a bid at the last minute. Are we obligated to accept this bid? Do we owe VetRelief for finding someone?

You are not obligated to accept the bid. You do not incur a charge from VetRelief until you hire someone. Consequently, there would be no charge.

How much do you charge when my hospital hires a relief veterinarian? How much do you charge when my hospital hires the relief veterinarian as an associate?

Our success fee for either arrangement is the same. In addition our success fee is accrued regardless of mediating conditions like which party instigated the arrangement, the terms of hire or employment, if there was a prior existing relationship between you, or even if they buy-in to your practice and an equity relationship ensues.
Learn more: our terms and success fee.

Our Clinic accepted a doctor's bid but can not find the bid.

Login and go to the Bids and Schedule menu. Click on View pending bids or enter the Bid id#.

Our hospital received a bid from a doctor who has worked here before. We don't want to hire them again.

Reply to their bid with a simple 'no thank you'. Following that you may mismatch them to your hospital. A mismatched doctor prevents them from viewing any future jobs you may post. As a result they are no longer able to bid on your jobs either.

Do you have any veterinarians in my area?

Probably, but to increase the number of candidates willing to work in your area, we recommend that you post a relief job or project and a permanent one.

How to attract more bids to a hospital's relief job or project?

If accommodations are available offer them. The one sure-fire way to attract interested veterinarians is to offer a monetary incentive.

We have three facilities. Will the doctors work in the area on a day-to-day relief basis?


What is my obligation to VetRelief for a doctor who we've used before that bid on our posted job/project?

Maintain your own contacts to call first if you don't want to pay our success fee. Once we use our resources to locate candidates for you to hire, we have supplied a service for which we expect to be paid if you hire our referral.
Learn more: our terms and success fee.