Frequently Asked Questions in General

Are you all affected by the independent contractor California changes? What will become of relief vets?

The CA Supreme Court decision of April 30, 2018 became law and effectively closed-down the business opportunity for self-employed relief veterinarians. That decision empowers regulatory agents to utilize a very restrictive 'ABC Test' when determining a worker's employment status.

Some hospitals in hopes of satisfying the court's ABC Test requirements are hiring incorporated relief veterinarians, as employees of their own corporation or LLC. However, an incorporated worker has yet to be included as an exception to the court's decision.

Under the ABC test, a relief veterinarian is only an independent contractor if they meet all three parts of the ABC Test. If hospitals are not able to prove that a relief veterinarian meets ALL THREE prongs of this test, the doctor is classified as an employee and not an independent contractor.

Item B of this ABC test indicates that a hospital cannot hire a relief veterinarian to provide the same or similar services to the hospital's employee-doctors and expect the relief veterinarian to be classified differently as an independent contractor.

What will become of relief vets? Nothing, it remains business as usual. The caveat is that many hospitals will only hire relief doctors as temporary employees not as an independent contractors.

Am I restricted from accepting relief work or employment independently from VetRelief?

No, our user agreement counters against acting as an online 'referral service' or 'employment agency' where you might compete against VetRelief and provide veterinarians other than yourself to any veterinary facility.
Learn more: our agreement.

How do I close my account?

Login and click on the My Account menu. Select Email Setting, click on Edit then click on Unsubscribe.

Do you have a mobile or cell phone accessible website?

Some smart phones are capable of displaying our web site. It may take some zooming in/out though. The mobile tablets like the iPad seem to work well.

How do I contact you?

In small print at the bottom of each web page click on the 'contact us' hyperlink.

How do I find previously confirmed bids?

Login to your account. Select the Bids and Schedule menu then click on View Past Schedule.

Why are there a bid id# and a job id #?

When hospitals post their jobs, each job consists of desired relief dates. Each job is assigned a sequential job ID number. When a veterinarian bids to work one or more of the job's dates the doctor's bid is assigned a separate and sequential Bid ID.

What is the difference between a bid and a job?

Hospitals post jobs, while veterinarians bid on their jobs. Each hospital project consists of needed relief dates. As such it is possible that a job may exist even if no doctor bids on the hospital's job. However a doctor's bid cannot exist without being associated to a job.

What is this going to cost?

There is no charge for Relief doctors to register and bid on jobs or projects.
Hospitals pay our success fee but only when they hire a doctor. So they too may register, post jobs or projects, and meet and interview candidates at no charge. The hospital is under no obligation to hire a veterinarian and likewise the relief doctor is under no obligation to like the hospital either. Only when both parties agree to terms does the hospital owe/pay our success fee. It is important that our fee is budgeted into your negotiations.

Learn more: our terms and success fee.