Flash Incentive Program

To entice relief veterinarians to bid on your relief job, VetRelief.com staff will focus our announcements by prioritizing that your hospital is willing to pay more than the going rate or premium to secure coverage for your urgently needed relief dates. If you are able to offer accommodations or travel expenses may be compelling enought to secure a doctors to bid.

When a relief doctor bids, it will be posted to your account, a copy emailed to you plus a phone call or text message. You may accept, deny, or even propose a counter-offer to their bid. You are not obligated to accept their bid and likewise, the relief veterinarian is not obligated to accept your counter-offer either. When you both agree to terms, VetRelief.com will document your relief dates. When you hire a relief veterinarian as a result of an incentive program our service fee is $65/shift or 12.5% of the relief veterinarian's fee, whichever is greater.

To get started with the Flash Incentive Program you may reach us by email, call, or text us.

call or text (949) 899-(VETS)8387
email: SmartHire@VetRelief.com