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  • Orange County, CA 
  • East Orange County, CA 
  • Bakersfield, CA 
  • East of Sacramento, CA 
  • Palm Springs, CA 
  • Laguna Beach, CA 
  • East Ventura County, CA (SOLD)
  • East Orange County, CA (SOLD)
  • WestRiverside, CA (FOR SALE BY OWNER)
  • Silicon Valley, CA (SOLD)
  • San Diego County, CA (SOLD)
  • Kern County, CA (FOR SALE BY OWNER)
  • Orange County, CA (SOLD)
  • Chico, CA (SOLD)
  • Reno, NV (SOLD)
  • Coastal San Diego, CA (SOLD)
  • Orange County, CA (SOLD)
  • North Hollywood, CA (SOLD)
  • North Orange County, CA (SOLD)
  • South Bay LA, CA (SOLD)
  • Santa Barbara, CA (SOLD)
  • South Orange County, CA (SOLD)
  • San Diego, CA (SOLD)
  • San Gabriel Valley, CA (OFF MARKET)
  • San Fernando Valley, CA (IN ESCROW)
  • North San Diego County, CA (SOLD)
  • NorthWest San Fernando Valley, CA (IN ESCROW)
  • Temecula Valley, CA (SOLD)
  • Contra Costa County (OFF MARKET)
  • North San Diego County(SOLD)
  • East Bay Northern CA(SOLD)
  • Santa Barbara, CA (OFF MARKET)
  • Just East of Orange County, CA (SOLD THRU PROBATE)
  • Southwest Inland Empire, CA (SOLD)
  • Long Beach, CA (SOLD)
  • Southeast San Fernando Valley, CA (SOLD)
  • Contra Costa County, CA (SOLD)
  • Orange County, CA (SOLD)
  • Eastern San Diego County, CA (SOLD)
  • North San Fernando Valley, CA (SOLD)
  • Orange County, CA (OFF-MARKET)
  • West San Fernando Valley, CA (SOLD)
  • San Luis Obispo, CA (SOLD)
  • San Francisco, CA (SOLD)
  • Marin County, CA (SOLD)
  • Portola Valley, CA (SOLD)
  • North East Bay, CA (SOLD)
  • Central California (SOLD)
  • West Los Angeles, CA (SOLD)
  • Los Angeles, CA (SOLD)
  • Long Beach, CA (SOLD)
  • Orange County, CA (SOLD)
  • Temecula, CA (SOLD)
  • San Bernadino County, CA (SOLD)
  • Upper Desert, CA (SOLD)
  • Helena, Montana (SOLD)
  • Northwest Reno, NV (SOLD)
  • Central Los Angeles, CA established (SOLD)
  • Central Los Angeles, CA new (SOLD)
  • Grass Valley, CA (CLOSED)
  • Guam (SOLD)
  • Facility Details

    Small Animal Practice

    Southern California wine country -
    Situated on the border of the Pechanga Indian Reservation equidistant from San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County.
    Served by Interstates 15, 215, and the popular CA route 79.
    Surrounded by a large family oriented residential community that includes military.

    For further details email temecula2@vetrelief.com