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  • San Bernadino County, CA (SOLD)
  • Upper Desert, CA (SOLD)
  • Helena, Montana (SOLD)
  • Northwest Reno, NV (SOLD)
  • Central Los Angeles, CA established (SOLD)
  • Central Los Angeles, CA new (SOLD)
  • Grass Valley, CA (CLOSED)
  • Guam (SOLD)
  • Facility Details

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    Location, Location, Location
    This site has it all. Beautiful affluent mountain community close to Skiing, Hiking, Camping and Boating. One hour from Sacramento and one and one-half hours from Reno. Business property is on a very busy highway (50,000 cars per day). Property has 300 fee of highway frontage.
    Presently two people work part time, the doctor and his wife who work 4.5 days per week (8:30-3:00). Currently the only veterinary facility in the southerly direction from Grass Valley, however new clients are received daily. Except for a small yellow pages ad no advertising has been utilized yet the practice has grown rapidly from client referral and highway exposure. A strong relationship with local animal welfare groups has provided a constant stream of new clients. Present fees are among the lowest in the area and payments are accepted by checks or cash only. Advertising, increased fees and payment flexibility are definite programs for expansion. The doctor participates in local emergency coverage once bi-weekly but could take more if desired.
    The building was formerly a restaurant for 30 years but has been upgraded to meet current building codes including a new electrical panel, mains and breakers. The front of the building facing the highway has new fireproof, rot proof and bug proof siding, new building insulation (for noise), new building sheathing and Tyvek. There are new doors (steel and insulated), new super insulated French windows and high quality custom metal roofing with 170 feet of Leaf-Guard Seamless Gutters. There is approximately 2350 square feet interior space including two full bathrooms, 8 sinks/water areas, and new coved commercial vinyl flooring. The latest addition is a 450 square foot elevated deck under an oak canopy. The spacious interior includes two exam rooms, a waiting room, a treatment room, a surgery room, an autoclave room, a laboratory, a pharmacy, a radiology room/office, large darkroom, laundry, kennels, tool room and room for expansion all with central heat, air conditioning and ceiling fans. Substantial new concrete improvements including wheelchair ramps have been made.
    Facility sits on approximately acres with plentiful parking and room for expansion. There are two wells, one new 500 feet deep 6" diameter, solid rock from 40 feet down, 4.3 gal/min and one 40 year plus working 13gal/min shared with neighbor. Total 750 gal of water storage capacity. There is 300 feet of state highway commercial frontage with access recently improved with CalTrans permission (at owner's expense). The building has an 81 foot frontage and the facility is surrounded by mature Liquid Amber (Red Maple), Oak and Pine trees. PG&E, local propane, telephone, DSL are onsite.
    This practice has great potential and is only being worked part time-no weekends and off day midweek but yet gross income is 250% greater than last year. The interior is open and welcoming which tends to put clients and animals at ease. The exterior is fireproof.

    If you would like further details about this practice send email to gold_country@vetrelief.com